In the latter years of the 20th century, the phenomenon that we all know and almost take for granted known as the World Wide Web became fully established and touched practically every corner of the globe, not least in our own little corner of the North West of Ireland – Rosses Point in Co. Sligo.

On the back of all the enthusiasm surrounding this shiny new World Wide Web, the Rosses Point Heritage Association established a website dedicated to the history, heritage and people of this maritime village that was simply known as “Rosses Point and Coney Island”. The idea was that the site would be a sort of ‘filing cabinet’ for all the documents and images etc. that the Association had in its’ possession.

It was initially put online in late 1996 by a member of the Heritage Association, Kieran Devaney, and hosted faithful reproductions of letters, newspaper articles, stories, poems and images of our village from days of yore and more recent times. The website ran for over 10 years before eventually going offline.

Most of the pages of the original website has been recently rediscovered and is now presented here as a stand-alone site, in as close to its’ original form as possible, and kindly hosted by the organisers of the Rosses Point Shanty Festival. More will be added as it becomes available.

Please note that, while guestbook entries from over the years are reproduced, it is no longer possible to leave comments on the site, nor are there any links to external websites except to some sites relating to the village, such as the Lifeboat Station, the Yacht Club and the Golf Club. Also, many of the more modern photos are of poor quality. This is because they were taken when digital cameras were very new to the market and thus produced very poor quality shots. They have been left in for posterity!

We hope you enjoy your visit to our virtual village!


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